One-on-One Bible Reading

  • At CBC, we believe that that making disciples is the mission of the church and "speaking the truth in love" to one another (Eph 4:15) is the way the church body is built up in the gospel.
  • How can we foster both GOSPEL WITNESS and GOSPEL GROWTH in a simple, natural, and reproducible way? One way is one-on-one Bible reading.
  • Reading one-on-one is simply "something a Christian does with another person, on a regular basis, for a mutually agreed upon length of time, with the intention of reading through and discussing a book or a part of the Bible."*
  • We want to make this easy for our members, so check out the sidebar for helpful resources!
  • If you'd like to begin reading the Bible one-on-one with another believer at CBC, let us know by filling out the "Contact Us" form under "New to CBC?"

*David Helm in One-to-One Bible Reading, available for purchase here